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Water Proofing Solution WP - 999

GEETA WP-999 is a unique Polymer modified Elastomeric waterproofing powder made with the best quality of German Polymers. It is Cementitious dry powder, having properties of High Flexible waterproof coating with Water Vapour Permeability.

Salient Features :
Makes building component totally waterproof
Excellent adhesion on the concrete
Good water vapor permeability (i.e. Breathable)
Highly flexible having crack bridging property
Resist Extreme hydrostatic pressure. Tested & passed 7 Bar test
UV Light & Alkalies stable
Easy Application by Brush
Resists Fungus

We Guarantee Minimum 5 Years on our Product Performance

Applications :
Terraces, Water tanks, Swimming Pools, Podiums, Flowerbeds, Sloping Roofs, Bathrooms etc.

Packaging : 25 kg bag

GEETA WP - 999

Product Certication Report WP - 999